Road Widening and Retrofitting Noise Barriers on Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section)


Public Consultation

Public's Key Concerns & Opinions

  • Retain the existing cycle track and footpath.
  • Need to further discuss the arrangement and benefits of the new bus lane at Sha Tin Rural Committee Road.
  • Conduct landscaping works at the nearby area of Sha Tin Rural Committee Road flyover.
  • Install emergency exits at the noise barriers or noise semi-enclosures near King Wo House.
  • Keep the pattern and colour tone of noise barriers or noise semi-enclosures simple and reserve area for exhibition of artworks in Sha Tin District.
  • Minimise noise level at Sheung Wo Che Village and Ha Wo Che Village.
  • Minimize the uneven lighting situation at road surface due to different types of noise mitigation measures.
  • Complete the installation of noise mitigation measures proposed by CEDD and HyD as soon as possible.
  • Suggest the harmonization of the noise mitigation measures design with the existing footbridge NF40.